About Local Travel Adventures

Who We Are:
Welcome to Local Travel Adventures. We are the experts in delivering fantastic local travel adventures to guests from around the world. We specialize in small group and private adventures to the most amazing Southern California locations. Our goal is for you to “experience it like a local.” Not like a tourist. We founded Local Travel Adventures based on what we have learned traveling the world for the past 20 years. We have put all those experiences together to provide you or your group remarkable, fun, educational and inspirational adventures that you will remember for a lifetime.

Our 30 years of living in Southern California allows us to give you that unique local experience. Our adventures include wine tasting in the local wine regions of Santa Barbara and Temecula, visiting dramatic Death Valley, and seeing for your self what has made Southern California so famous: Hollywood, our beaches, the major attractions. Even some local gems off the beaten path.

The Owners:
Hi, we are John and Lisa McElroy. We have been married for almost 20 years, have traveled to 30 countries around the world, and have seen just about every part of our great country. We have lived in Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois and Washington and travel has been our passion since we first met. While we still enjoy traveling and planning our next great adventure, we wanted to bring our passion of travel to life for others. That is why we formed Local Travel Adventures. We want you to have those wonderful moments in time when you get to experience other cultures and see amazing places. We wanted to do something that we are very passionate about so we hope you will enjoy our Local Travel Adventures.

Our Company Philosophy:
Our company philosophy is for you to “Experience it like a local.” What does that mean to you? It means we want you to see and experience things like we do. In our travels the best adventures were not on large informal tours or buses. It was when we experienced small personalized adventures, getting to know our guides while they got to know us, making local friends in foreign places and seeing it through the local’s point of view. Our goal is for you to have fun and enjoy every minute with us and take home wonderful moments to share.