Death Valley in a Day from LA

Enjoy a day away from LA or take the ultimate bucket list adventure on your way to Las Vegas.  This is a must do adventure to those one time visitors to the Western United States. This day long excursion takes you from the Metropolis of Los Angeles and its millions of people to one of the most desolate and unforgiving areas in the world, Death Valley National Park.  This adventure includes our expert guides, a light breakfast snack and coffee, gourmet lunch, and exploration of all major attractions of Death Valley including ghost towns, mining towns and the lowest point of North America (-282 ft sea- level.)

Our journey takes you right to the heart of Death Valley.  But not before we go through some of the most beautiful High Desert regions in California.  We will pass by Edwards Air Force Base home of many Space Shuttle landings.  We might even catch some fighter jets practicing desert runs.

Then we will cruise through Trona.  Trona is known for its isolation and desolation, as well as the nearby Trona Pinnacles at the western edge of Searles, which is a dry lake bed in the Searles Valley southwest of Death Valley.   The town gets its name from the mineral Trona, abundant in the lakebed.
Then it is off to Ballarat, a real California Ghost Town.  It was founded in 1896 as a supply point for the mines in the canyons of the Panamint Range.
We then make our way to the Death Valley.  After a quick stop at Mesquite flats for a well deserved break and snack we will head further into the valley and visit some of the following highlights such as:

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes:
Tawny dunes smoothly rise nearly 100 feet /30 m from Mesquite Flat. Late afternoon light accentuates the ripples and patterns while morning is a good time to view tracks of nocturnal wildlife.

Scotty’s Castle:
Scotty's Castle is a two-story Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial style home located in the Grapevine Mountains of northern Death Valley, far off the beaten path but a place to behold and see. It is also known as Death Valley Ranch.

Furnace Creek Visitor Center:
The main park visitor center has new exhibits, a park film, bookstore and rangers on hand to answer questions.   It’s a great place to get souvenirs of your adventure.

Zabriskie Point:
Surrounded by a maze of wildly eroded and vibrantly colored badlands, this spectacular view is one of the parks most famous. The viewpoint requires a short walk uphill from the parking area.

Dante’s View:
The most breathtaking viewpoint in the park, this mountain-top overlook is more than 5000 feet/1524 m above the floor of Death Valley.

Artist’s Drive:
This is a scenic nine mile loop through multi-hued volcanic and sedimentary hills.  Artist’s Palette is especially photogenic in late afternoon light.  We will stop along the way for photographs.

Badwater Basin:
The lowest point in North America, Badwater Basin is - 282 feet below sea level and a surreal landscape of vast salt flats and beauty.  Many times during the year a lake may form here after heavy rainstorms.  It is the on “A” list of Bucket List locations.

After an amazing day in Death Valley we will make our way back to Los Angeles or Las Vegas traveling in style in our luxurious air conditioned Mercedes Van.

Our tours are all-inclusive.  We provide you transportation from the Los Angeles area.  All entrance fees are included, along with our morning and afternoon  snacks, water, and a wonderful gourmet lunch,  And of course our knowledgeable fun professional guides and drivers.

DV1     Death Valley in a Day from L.A
Sunday Only $289 
Private Tours 2 -3      $359 ea +15% Gratuity
Group Tours 4–7       $329 ea +15% Gratuity
Group Tours  8+        $279 ea +15% Gratuity
Private Groups ending in Las Vegas – Call for Details and Pricing.


Are reservations required?
Yes. Due to how quickly our adventures book up we require reservations and we provide breakfast and lunch we need to know you’re coming. Occasionally we will have extra space to add on a last minute guest.

Where do we start our Adventure?
For our public trips we depart from Santa Monica. For larger private groups, we can arrange a pickup location for you. Pick up locations will be provided after you purchase your tickets

What is the start and end time of your Adventure?
Great question?  This is Los Angeles the traffic capital of the world and since this is adventure goes from Los Angeles to Death Valley and back this can vary greatly. Because of the distance we start this tour at 6:00am and shoot to be back by 7:00pm depending on traffic.

How many guests will be on your adventure?
What makes Local Travel Adventures amazing is that we are a small group and Private adventure company. We will never have more than 12 guests on any adventure. Also because of the length of this adventure we recommend no one under the age of the age of 10. (On private group tours children are welcome)
A minimum of 6 is required for this adventure. And we reserve the right to cancel with 24 hr notice.

What is included in your adventure? 
Transportation in our Mercedes Van, Coffee and a breakfast snack, Water, Gourmet lunch, afternoon snacks,  Our fantastic driver and guide,  And some surprises along the way.

Is this adventure safe?
It is as safe as it can be. Be adventurous We are going to Death Valley, For much of the day you will be out of Cell Phone contact with the outside word.  We use professional guides, the newest most well maintained Mercedes Benz Vans, We are equipped extra water, food and emergency survival kits. We leave nothing to chance.
The temperatures range from the 30Fs (0 Celsius) in the winter to the scorching earth baking 130F  (50+ Celsius) in summer.

Are Gratuities included?
We leave that up to you, Our staff works very hard and is very knowledgeable and friendly. They are your “locals” local. We recommend a thank you gratuity of 15%-18%. We know they have earned it.  Our private tours require an 18% service charge.

What should we bring and wear?
The climate varies depending on the season. The temperatures range from the 30Fs (0 Celsius) in the winter to the scorching  130Fs  (50+ Celsius) in summer.  
Our Mercedes Van have great AC so if you chill easily you might want to bring a small sweater or Jacket. Remember the time of year you are going. Other items: A Hat for the sun, sun glasses, comfortable walking or hiking shoes.  There could be snakes. Please stay away from big heels. Binoculars, Cameras, any medicine you might need. (Let us know if something needs to be kept cool) Check our website for the weather forecast. We go rain or shine. (Except in the case of very severe weather conditions).

Do your rates vary throughout the year?
Very seldom do we change our rates. Weekends are a bit higher and also during the peak visitor months.

Still have more questions?
You can contact us directly at 818-433-8858 or send us an email at